The science of Airbiotics



Not all bacteria are bad — Probiotics are the new way to have a cleaner, healthier, ecologically balanced home — guaranteed

For decades chemical-based disinfectants have been the way to clean your house of harmful bacteria, moulds, mildew and other pathogens.

Disinfectants don’t work!

These chemically based cleaners kill both the good and bad bacteria This is the reason doctors give you probiotics (pro life) when you take a course of anti-biotics (against life) to bring your body back into balance. But there’s a couple problems with disinfectants and anti-bacterials — first, they only last a few hours and second, they make things worse by giving new bacteria a food source — yes, all the bacteria you just killed. This layer of dead bacteria is called BioFilm and it’s all over your house — and new bacteria just love it. While chemical cleaners have been the standard for decades — there’s a much better and more natural approach to cleaning indoors.

Airbiotics uses all-natural probiotics formula called StaBiotics™, the only Environmental Probiotic Technology in the world designed to protect indoor living spaces from air and surface contaminants.

The StaBiotics™ Formula

Use the power of nature to destroy bacteria’s food source — so they don’t come back

The Stabiotic formula employs the balancing power of nature to reduce indoor environments of harmful bacteria and other pathogens that may pose additional health risks

By replacing dangerous pathogens with our powerful probiotics we control the microbiological environment by natural competition.

StaBiotics probiotics actually deconstructs biofilm… and is the only product that does so safely, easily and without chemicals. Without biofilm, there is no place for harmful germs to hide and hold dirt.